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Kieran Tremlett, Hufflepuff fourth-year. 14. Halfblood. Irish. Used to be the youngest of eight children, now the youngest of seven. Younger brother to Shannon, Bridget and Niamh and cousin of, among others, Don, Deirdre, Doireann and Michelle. Fully enjoys giving his siblings a hard time. After all, it's practically his job as a little brother. Happy-go-lucky. Somewhat of a slacker in the academics department. Quidditch mad. No longer scared of Hogwarts.

Birthday: 23 July 1968
Current location: Ennis, Clare, Ireland.
PB: Angus T. Jones

Nancy Murphy, Gryffindor fourth-year. 14. Halfblood. Irish. Younger sister of William, older sister of Rose. Cousin to Shannon, Bridget, Niamh, Kieran, Don, Deirdre, Doireann and Michelle. Loud, perky and can usually be seen hanging around Gwenong Jones. Loves her large extended family.

Birthday: 31 May 1968
Current location: Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland.
PB: Daviegh Chase

William (Will) Murphy, Ravenclaw fifth-year. 15. Halfblood. Irish. Older brother of Nancy and Rose. Cousin to Shannon, Bridget, Niamh, Kieran, Don, Deirdre, Doireann and Michelle. Quiet, skittish and is quite often found in the wake of his little sisters. A follower, not a leader.

Birthday: 12 July 1967
Current location: Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland.
PB: Mike Bailey

Simon MacFarlan, Hufflepuff alumnus, class of 1980. 20. Muggleborn. Scottish. Prefect. Only child. Cousin of Gavin, Keith (deceased) and Denise Nigul. An extraordinary procrastinator, but works hard and well under pressure. An introvert desperately trying to become an extrovert. Generally subdued and no-nonsense, but will wholeheartedly throw himself into the centre of attention if the opportunity arises. A neat-freak nearly to the point of being obsessive compulsive about it. A little fashion-concerned, but definitely straight. Secretly harbouring a crush on Emily Park. Travelling Europe while pondering a decision to return to the UK.

Birthday: 5 June 1962
Current location: Stockholm, Sweden.
PB: Mitch Hewer

Emily Park, Hufflepuff alumna, class of 1980. 20. Muggleborn. British-Korean. Bilingual. Only child. Very sheltered. Terribly naive. Easily influenced. Under constant pressure form her wealthy family to succeed, marry a nice Korean doctor boy and have children. Prefect. Slightly clingy. Constantly on the verge of hyperventilation. Desperately wants to lose the glasses. Quite possibly likes Simon MacFarlan as more than just a friend. Formerly of Curzon Park, Cheshire. Making a return to the UK in the summer of 1982.

Birthday: 9 October 1961
Current location: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea/Curzon Park, Cheshire, England.
PB: Ji Ae Jun

Christopher Lovegood, Slytherin alumnus, class of 1977. 23. Halfblood. Older brother of Karin, and Katie used to be sandwiched in between them. Married to Celeste (Hipworth) Lovegood (16 July 1980). Father of Luna Katelyn (daughter, born 13 September 1980). Technically unemployed, but operates as an occasional freelancer for several London-area newspapers and magazines with articles that are often slanted in a nutty, conspiracy theory sort of way. Used to work at The Anthem and wants to start his own paper someday. Barely squeaking by on his rent, but is too proud to accept help from his parents. He is often described as "a loon", but he really is quite harmless.

Birthday: 13 February 1959
Current location: Diagon Alley, London, England.
PB: Ryan Sypek

Trevor Bulstrode, Hufflepuff alumnus, class of 1977. 23. Halfblood. Hit-wizard. Older brother of Ravenclaws Grant Bulstrode and Gwyn Bulstrode. More or less easy-going. Quite protective. Finally moved out of his Manchester birthplace. Has had Major Issues (yes, with the capitals) with his parent's separation. Bit of an Astronomy nut. Married Renata Basil 24 July 1979. Father of Millicent Jean Bulstrode, born 2 June 1980. Brother-in-law to Ralden, Brielle, Fiona, Galen, and Gemma Basil. Trying to start over.

Birthday: 7 December 1958
Current location: Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
PB: Daniel Franzese

Cliodna Flynn, Gryffindor alumna, class of 1975. 25. Irish-American. Halfblood. Older sister (and legal guardian, now) of Keelin. Cousin of Don Tremlett. Took off to San Fransisco after school, but is now back in the United Kingdom. International News Editor at The Daily Prophet. Freelancer for a couple of Muggle newpapers. Workaholic -- except on the weekends. Rambly, but knows when to shut up when she can see her opinion is not desired. At least when talking.

Birthday: 2 December 1956
Current location: Diagon Alley, London, United Kingdom.
PB: Amy Mizzi

Doireann Flaherty, Hufflepuff alumna, class of 1974. 26. Irish. Halfblood. Used to be the youngest of three, now the youngest of two. Aunt of Gemma. Cousin to, among others, Deirdre, Shannon, Bridget, Niamh and Kieran. Still living at home with her parents, and has no plans to move out any time soon. Single, but used to be friends-with-benefits with Jake Mullet. Occasionally shagging Kester Gordon. Part-time waitress, full-time couch potato. Hardcore animal lover.

Birthday: 13 June 1956
Current location: Westport, Mayo, Ireland.
PB: Sidse Mickelborg

Kester Gordon, Gryffindor alumnus, class of 1974. 26. Scottish. Pureblood. Politically neutral. Oldest of three. Cousin to Ralden, Renata, Brielle, Fiona, Galen, Paige and Iona. Beater for the Pride of Portree and the Scottish national team. Single. Generally a very sullen and pessimistic bloke, but very, very patient. Calm under pressure. Occasionally shagging Doireann Flaherty, much to Iona's chagrin.

Birthday: 26 March 1956
Current location: Glasgow, Scotland.
PB: Jonathan Togo

Brian Tremlett, Hufflepuff alumnus, class of 1974. 26. Irish. Halfblood. Middle child. Older brother of Shannon, Bridget, Niamh and Kieran. Cousin of Don, Deirdre, Doireann and Michelle. Married to Friederike (Schlosser) Tremlett. Father of Oliver. Assisstant coach of the German National Quidditch Team. Token family black sheep, though he's cleaned up his act quite a past in the past year or so. No more illegal drugs, but still delves into the alcohol.

Birthday: 20 March 1956
Current location: Bonn, West Germany.
PB: Jérémie Elkaïm

Iona Gordon, Hufflepuff alumna, class of 1974. 26. Scottish. Pureblood, but not a purist. Only child. Cousin to Ralden, Renata, Brielle, Fiona, Galen, Paige, Brenda, Kester, Liliana and Reid. Advertising Editor at The Daily Prophet. Single, but not actively looking. Eye makeup junkie. Dosen't speak unless she has something to contribute. Former smoker and current semi-alcoholic. Don't let her near the vodka or gin.

Birthday: 12 January 1956
Current location: Perth, Perth and Kinross, Scotland.
PB: Marion Cotillard

Michelle Basil (née Flaherty), Gryffindor alumna, class of 1973. 27. Irish, but you can’t tell. Halfblood. Used to be the flamboyant middle child, now the eldest of two. Was the younger sister of Jolene. Cousin to, among others, Deirdre, Shannon, Bridget, Niamh and Kieran. Married to Leander Basil since April 6th, 1977 (his second wife). Mother of Gemma Kathleen, born 8 November 1978. Step-mother of (!) five, and step-grandmother to Millicent Jean and Thomas Braden (!!). Sometimes uneasy by all the looks she gets by that. Department of Magical Transportaion secretary. Close friend (and stepmother-in-law) of Alison Basil. Tries just a little too hard sometimes to be liked.

Birthday: 1 January 1955
Current location: Carlisle, Cumbria, United Kingdom.
PB: Felicia Day

Ainsley Ryan (née MacDonald), Ravenclaw alumna, class of 1971. 29. Scottish. Muggleborn. Youngest of two. Married to Carey. Mother of Callum. Sister-in-law to Deirdre. Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels. Abrasive. A little dense. Loves gossip, except when her name's involved.

Birthday: 16 July 1953
Current location: Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland.
PB: Halle Hirsch

Gavin King, Gryffindor alumnus, class of 1971. 29. Auror. Death Eater. Double murderer. He won't ask about your family, so don't ask about his. Pureblood, in case you wanted to know. The strong, silent type. Flies under the radar, so to speak. Occasionally gets into confrontations with Trevor Bulstrode. Refuses to ever permanently move to a large city. Ex-boyfriend of Jolene Flaherty, whom he promptly dumped once he realised she was a halfblood.

Birthday: 3 June 1953
Current location: Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom.
PB: Christian Bale

Carey Ryan, Slytherin alumnus, class of 1967. 33. Irish. Quietly a halfblood. Middle child. Older brother of Deirdre. Cousin to, among others, Shannon, Bridget, Niamh, Kieran, Jolene and Michelle. Enjoys giving his siblings a hard time. Married to Ainsley. Father of Callum. Mediwizard at St. Mungo's, specialising in broomstick-related incidents. Thinking about going back to Healer school. Doesn't know where to draw the line between humour and seriousness. Starting to take an interest in his father's construction projects.

Birthday: 20 June 1949
Current location: Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland.
PB: Eric Szmanda

Connor Ryan, Slytherin alumnus, class of 1965. 35. Irish. Halfblood. Oldest of three. Married to Noreen. Father of Caitlyn and Grady. Scout for the Ballycastle Bats. Closet surfer. Low tolerance for surprises. Protective of his younger sister. Going to succumb to one of subsequent cases of heart failure she causes him on a daily basis one of these days. Cousin to, among others, Shannon, Bridget, Niamh, Kieran, Jolene and Michelle.

Birthday: 17 June 1947
Current location: Dunfanaghy, Donegal, Ireland.
PB: George Eads

Noreen Ryan (née Kelleher), Ravenclaw alumna, class of 1965. 35. Irish. Halfblood. Only child. Married to Connor. Mother of Caitlyn and Grady. Sister-in-law of Deirdre. Reluctant part-time housewife. Reclaimed her old Witch Weekly job back, at least on a part-time basis. Unflappable. Can always keep a straight face. Prone to migraines.

Birthday: 2 April 1947
Current location: Dunfanaghy, Donegal, Ireland.
PB: Jorja Fox

Deceased NPCs:

Rachel Vega Caudwell, Ravenclaw alumna, class of 1977. 17 July 1959 - 28 September 1979. Forever 20. Murdered by Brian Mulciber during thr Floo Network breach. Started going by her middle name once she realized she was magical. Daughter of a Muggle and a Squib, also both deceased. Part-Black (a fact she doesn't publicize). Ridiculously long hair. Congenial. Odd sense of humor. Ex-Head Girl, though probably everyone thought it was Alice instead. Used to hide from her problems in extra credit assignments and overzealous studying. Conflict-avoidant. Was good friends with Naomi Goldstein and Marlene McKinnon, who was also her flatmate. Was going to moving to Switzerland in November, 1979. Under the thumb of a domineering mother. Avid newspaper reader. Casual. Often felt stressed. Tried to rise above the family profession of shopkeeper. Adored reading and doing research. Studied obscure languages of magical beings. DftRaCoMC. A published author. Missed her Muggle brother Simon, who was killed in the Platform 9 and 3/4 riot, December 1976. A bit afraid of relationships, especially since she ruined pretty much every one she'd ever been in. Felt a bit lost in the real world.

Resting: London, England.
PB: Liza Weil

Jolene Flaherty, Ravenclaw alumna, class of 1970. 1 August 1952 - 17 August 1979. Forever 27. Killed by Gavin King in the attack on The Anthem along with her cousin, Kayley Caul. Irish. Halfblood. Was the eldest of three girls. Older sister of Michelle. Aunt of Gemma. Cousin to, among others, Deirdre, Shannon, Bridget, Niamh and Kieran. Researcher with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Spent a lot of her time surrounded by dusty books and piles of paper. Precise. Mostly professional. Had a slight phobia for relationships. Burned ex-girfriend of Gavin King. Finally found a place of her own in London and was going to hold onto it as hard as she can, for she did not want to move back with her parents for a third stint.

Resting: Westport, Mayo, Ireland.
PB: Poppy Montgomery

Aaron McKinnon. Was about to be a Ravenclaw sixth-year. 7 September 1964 - 22 July 1981. Forever 16. Murdered by Stephen Travers along with his father, two sisters and brother-in-law. Halfblood. Youngest of three. Enjoyed his transfiguration, sometimes a little too much. Played the saxophone, although not terribly great and not while he was at school. Formerly a Beater on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Blessed with a relatively calm persona, much like his eldest sister. Sort of dated Celeste Bletchley.

Resting: Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland
PB: Chris Marquette

Former NPCs

Don Tremlett: don_tremlett
Shannon Peakes: shannon_ithink
Ralden Basil: port_keyed
Tor Robards: trobards
Kennedy Towler: hellokennedy
Denise Nigul: dennylin
Galen Basil: toadalcontrol
Tressa McKinnon: tressesofred
Donna Cashman: darlingdonna
Bridget Tremlett: bridgeover
Grace McKenna: alittlegraceful
Niamh Tremlett: heyniamh
Garrick O'Hare: healersquared
Brenda Gordon: seesthedawn



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